Making shiny black scales for the exterior

Ah dream a dream and make it true
That’s what *Burners* like to do
And building is the *Burner* way to go two three four
‘Cause every day the world is new
There’s dreams to pay attention to
And building is the surest way we know two three four
Set your shoulder
Move that boulder
‘Up two three four ‘up two three four
Make our dreams work
Through our team work
‘Up two three four ‘up
And when the *Burner* day is done
There’s still some time for *Burner* fun
So take your helmets off and set them down two three four
There’s dreams to dream
There’s work to do
But after all the work is through
There’s still some *Burner* dreams to go around
two three four
– Fraggle Rock’s Doozer March (*with suggested changes)

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