Our setup crew will be substantial, so we plan to have people at the site 24 hours a day, and therefore, work lights.  While major construction is occurring, we’ll have several bright flood lights to illuminate work areas, supplies, vehicles, etc. During non-construction evening hours, we plan to place safety stake lights and/or electric lanterns around wood piles, vehicles, and any rebar that may be holding things down.

For the event, a perimeter of tall, freestanding lamps will encircle the exterior structure.  The lamps will act similarly to city street lamps, automatically turning on at night, and will be powerful enough to create a safely lit perimeter around the art. They will also create a visual transition from the open playa into the Palace space, as the pools of light illuminate and reflect off the curved walls of shiny black scales.  Each lamp will be self-powered with a large capacity battery and will incorporate a small trickle charge solar panel in the design. We are hoping that the placement of the light posts will encourage visitors to park bikes near them, safely in the light, but away from the main entrances and exits of the art.

A series of wall sconces will draw visitors from the entrances through the hallways within the interior structure.  A total of 20 sconces will be placed at about eye level and illuminate bi-directionally to the arches above and playa below.  Inside each of the two spiral structures, a series of four video projection areas on the interior scaly walls will increase in size from 7’ tall to 15’ tall. So the Palace will have a total of 8 video projection areas.  We will be using energy efficient LED projectors, which are bright enough to significantly reflect light from the projection surfaces into the surrounding area.  As designed, these interactive video projections are integral to the experience of the art piece at night, allowing participants to play with the lighting through interacting with the video.  Additionally, the video projection light will glimmer on the outside of the structure through spaces in the scaled surface.


Finally, slatted wooden stairs lit from beneath with warm white LEDs will lead you into the center of the art piece.  Here, an intimate, white padded room with a white cloth ceiling will feature a slatted wooden floor, under-lit by a series of controllable color LED strips. Visitors that stay in the room for a period of time will experience subtle fluctuations in the color and brightness of the lighting.