During the day, Inspireality Palace will be a sanctuary for rest and community.  The tall curving walls provide pockets of shade for visitors to seek shelter from the desert heat.  The inner room will provide shade, as well as comfy chairs and a smooth wooden floor on which to relax. As travelers find protection from the sun inside the Palace, they will swap stories and experiences, creating a temporary community in the deep playa.

As you enter into Inspireality Palace at night, you find an atmosphere different from that in the daytime. As you walk through the hallway, you are confronted with your own image projected on the wall. Sometimes this image is the current you, but at times the video will be on a delay, showing the you from just a moment ago. There are four screens in the hallway, whitewashed onto the backsides of the scales. Each screen shows something different, reflecting the person standing in front of it, or perhaps a stranger. The projections paint color onto the black and white walls, altering the lighting and the mood of the space. Screens are filled only when participants are standing in front of them, so the experience changes depending on the number of people interacting with the Palace.

You play with the time-delayed video of yourself by making silly gestures, and you must then wait to see them projected back at you- a way of communicating with your future self.  You move to the next screen and see that the projection is not of you, but of a stranger. As you notice the other person, you jokingly wave, and surprisingly, the stranger waves back.  This video projection is a soundless medium of communication, allowing you to use body language to contact others in an unknown location. On the wall opposite the screens, you see people peering out at you through the windows, watching you play with the projections.


You leave the hallway to enter a soft white room, and find a calming sanctuary inviting you to sit down, rest, and meet the other visitors of the Palace. You choose one of the four chairs, and quickly realize that it swivels.  Your swiveling begins to affect the color-changing light and the ambient sound playing quietly in the room.  The shift is subtle enough that you may not even notice the effects of your movement. As you stand up and peer through the windows, you watch fellow visitors interact with their videos, just as you were doing before. You may even see yourself in a projection, a small face in the background, peering through a window.

As you walk across this innermost room of Inspireality Palace, you suddenly see a familiar face- it is the real version of the video projection you were interacting with just moments ago.  You have each made a similar journey, beginning at opposite entrances.  You now have the chance to come together inside this intimate caravansary, creating a momentary experience of community and connection.