Meet the Artists


Circumvolute_GloriaLamb-26smallGloria Lamb, aka La La, debuted her first large-scale art piece, “Circumvolute,” on the playa in 2012.  This three hundred foot golden spiral lead visitors into a space designed to encourage shared moments.  As an Art Director overseeing large scenery for live television award shows, she works to create environments for an audience.  La La has loved Black Rock City as her home since 2007.  Her involvement in the community has been expanding ever since.  In 2013, she was selected as one of five Burning Man Regional Contacts for Los Angeles.  She currently co-manages the L.A. Burning Man Announce and is involved in planning L.A.’s Decompression, among other regional events.  She is the theme camp director and public shade designer for “Super Friends.”  La La has also been an integral part of the conclave L.A. Fire Brigade, since its first flames in 2010.  She co-produces the Flow Arts Stage at L.A. Decom, which features over 200 fire, circus, and aerial performers.  Her glowing smile, electric blue-hair, and spontaneous full voice singing make her extra fun to be around.

Perry Freeze, aka Pear Bear, has been passionate about computers and cameras since he was little.  He is a filmmaker, and specializes in video screen design for feature films and live events. Pear Bear’s first burn was in 2008, where he fell in love with the incredible scenes that gust through the playa.  He is a year-round videographer for L.A. Fire Brigade, and habitually films the Man burn to share with the community.  In 2013, at L.A. Decom, Pear Bear coordinated videographers to share their media with the performers of the Flow Arts Stage.  The result was over four hours of professionally edited videos, which were gifted as thank yous to the acts.  Perry is the Leave No Trace and solar guru for the “SuperFriends” theme camp. He also cooks delicious Ethiopian cuisine, when you can trap him in the kitchen.

Together, La La and Pear Bear are in their 13th year as artistic partners. The inward-circling shape of Inspireality Palace is a beautiful expression of the way their individual personalities and talents balance and enhance one another, creating the perfect interlocking spiral.