Philosophical Statement

InspirealityPalace-Model02Inspireality Palace
Inspiring by spiraling reality   

Inspireality Palace is a structure, a journey, a communal space and a transformational experience- it is the great convergence, where every pathway is an entrance and all doors lead to the present moment.

This gigantic double spiral is composed of strongly contrasting materials, representing the interconnection and balance of complimentary forces. Yin and yang, black and white, hard and soft, masculine and feminine, synthetic and organic, real and unreal – each pair intertwines to create a more beautiful, complex whole.

By its very nature, Inspireality Palace is a meeting place- an inevitable destination. The inward-circling spiral draws weary travelers into the oasis at its nucleus, a space designed to create community.  Technology exposes us to past, present, and future reality emphasizing the fact that each traveler has followed a unique life journey to this inner sanctuary. Now, a shared moment between those who have arrived inspires a bond between once separate forces.

Personally, the interlocking double spiral is a shape that resonates with us, as two individuals who have formed a deep connection, working together. We have also chosen to construct thirteen archways along each path, representing the number of years we have been together. Although the details of the design have personal meaning for us, the larger theme of two people following distinct pathways that lead them to a profound moment of connection is universal.