Physical Description


While trekking across the bright, open playa, you spot a large black shape, glimmering mirage-like in the distance.  As you approach, the structure takes on the shapes of the surrounding mountains, and from a certain angle, somewhat resembles a gigantic heart.  Hexagonal, glossy black scales cover the massive, curved surface of the outer walls, which slope upwards, high above your head. Although the material is rigid, angular and dark, the sweeping curve of the structure itself and the gentle movement of the scales in the wind evoke a breathing, organic feeling. As you walk the 300 foot perimeter around the structure, you notice it is composed of two identical halves- each with an entrance.

You walk through an open doorway and enter Inspireality Palace.  In contrast to the dark exterior, the interior is bright.  As you walk through the hallway, the space expands from an 8ft high and 3ft wide entrance to towering 26ft tall and 12ft wide archways, then contracts back down to another 8 ft entrance. The walls are built from a combination of whitewashed and black dry brushed wood. To one side, you see the backs of the exterior scales, and to the other, you see the whitewashed wall of what appears to be a room with windows.  Sun streams in through large openings – there is only a partial ceiling.  You can find places to rest in the shadows, or view the open sky and take in the sun. Then you reach the end of the hallway and walk up a few wide, slatted wooden stairs to enter the room.

The pure white room is welcoming and comfortable. Instead of a simple square, the room is an irregular octagon.  The soft, matte walls are made of padded fabric, with clear plastic windows – a cozy contrast to the hard, black exterior. The white fabric ceiling has an 8ft diameter circular skylight sewn into the center, through which you can see the clear desert sky. The slatted wooden floor is a work of art in itself, laid out on a radial pattern, expanding from the center of the room. Four egg chairs sit in a wide circle, facing towards one another, inviting you to rest. Sometimes you hear quiet ambient sound, subtly affecting the feeling of the room. As you gaze through the windows, you can see into the hallway you just left, or on the opposite side of the room, into an identical hallway you have yet to enter.

There is an exit (or perhaps another entrance?) on the opposite side of the room from where you entered.  As you walk through it, you repeat your journey in reverse, walking through an expanding and contracting hallway, exiting back out through the black, scaly shell onto the wide open playa.

Inspireality Palace is an immense Fermat Spiral, a naturally-occurring shape of two spirals circling inwards, coming together perfectly.  In the same way the seeds of a sunflower spiral together, the two massive halves of the Palace form two balanced, interlocking spirals, with a sanctuary resting at the center.

Inspireality Palace becomes a new experience once evening falls. As you approach, the 8 welded metal lampposts encircling the entire Palace create a perimeter of light about 13ft away from the structure. This light reflects off the shiny scales, while additional light bleeds from the interior through the spaces between the scales. These lampposts are in direct alignment with the interior windows, although the visitors inside the inner room cannot see them.

You walk through the entrance and peer down the hallway, which is now softly lit by 10 wall sconces.  There is a sconce on each vertical beam, throwing a pool of light both above and below.  As you enter into the hallway, you are confronted with your own image projected on the wall. You realize that the black dry brushing was actually painted vignetting outlining immense whitewashed video screens on the back sides of the scales.  There are four of these textured “screens” in each hallway, ranging from 7ft to 15ft tall, expanding with the space.  Each screen shows a distinct video projection; sometimes it is you, sometimes it is a stranger.  You walk through the hallways and notice people peering out at you through the windows of the room.  As you approach the entrance to the white room, the stairs are now lit, with soft white light glowing through the spaces between the slats.

You enter the central white room to find that it is no longer white.  The entire space is lit from below, and the light emanating through the floor slats is very slowly changing color, almost too slowly to notice. You occasionally realize ambient sound is slightly altering the mood of the room as well. The room may be a light green when you enter and glow a soft pink before you leave, subtly affecting the feeling of the space.
You leave the room and walk through the opposite hallway, journeying through a second spiral, to once again re-enter the dark, open space of the desert.